Looking for a cool sub

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However, if you finished those plans and the kids are getting antsy, here are 24 awesome ideas to make sure your students are engaged and learning, even when you only have a few minutes. Need even more ideas for substitute teachers to fill time? These are perfect for the awkward few minutes right before the bell rings. Try one of these quick popsicle-stick math time fillers from Journey of a Substitute Teacher. Never say anything negative about the school, teachers, or students. Stick with G-rated!

In other words, not very good behavior management which means subbing for them is a nightmare. Even substitute teachers have to manage the classroom. We love these classroom management tips, especially for substitutes, from The Cornerstone. Check out suggestions for what to stock up on. And check out our list of favorite teacher bags to hold everything you need! Even the best of students can use a little bit of help. These DIY fidgets are easy to bring along with you.

Assert your authority early. You can always become a little more lax later, but they need to know they are not going to get away with stuff while you are there. My plan was Boggle.

Looking for a cool sub

It can be played as a whole class, teams, or small groups. Check out our favorite educational games for the classroom! If you want to sub at one school in particular, put it in every mailbox. Not all teachers leave enough material planned. Have some extra activities that you can use as fill in.

Get the entire class involved on the same project with one of these collaborative art ideas. There are videos on starting class, discipline in different grades, and more! In middle school, I use mechanical pencils. When I ask for them to help clean up, the most helpful ones get a prize!

They remember and will cooperate better the next time. Many teachers leave a sub tub with emergency activities, lesson plans, outlines, student information, and more. Use it! Source: Wife Teacher Mommy. Team-building games and activities are a great tool for helping students learn to work together, listen carefully, communicate clearly, and think creatively. You can get to know them too with one of these team-building games. Proximity is my best weapon for disarming mischief.

I like to be dressed as nicely as the best-dressed teacher. Substitute teachers can still go on field trips without stressing about parent permission slips and bus asments. Take them on a virtual field trip to the zoo, museums, aquariums, and more. You most likely will see them again at some point and will be happy when you remember their name and something they told you.

Looking for a cool sub

They feed on it! And thank them in the note for letting you have their class no matter how the day went! Now that I am a teacher, I love when subs do that!

Looking for a cool sub

It is so helpful. I am always looking for a sub who can keep the class going while I am gone, instead of taking my chances with a random sub! Substitute teachers may have to do recess duty too! Get the kids outdoors and having fun with one of these games you played as a kid! If there are aides, trust that they know the students and routines well. Let them help you. You can find free ones online. Madlibs go a long way and are a great tension or ice breaker. It only takes about 5 minutes, and the kids get super into it!

No allergy issues. I also brought a book to share and some brain break ideas to fill extra time. You must be logged in to post a comment. Follow the plans. Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Looking for a cool sub

It's Fire Prevention Week Oct.

Looking for a cool sub

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