Las vegas scores strip club

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They get too cookie cutter.

Las vegas scores strip club

Sometimes you just need a more intimate club that still maintains a healthy roster of dancers. That is where Scores Las Vegas fits in. You know, quality over quantity right? Besides the girls, Scores has an award-winning Hookah lounge, beautiful and very private VIP rooms, multiple bars, great bottle service deals, and hot babes Did we already mention that? The club sits directly behind the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip.

Las vegas scores strip club

You can expect a limo ride under 10 minutes, for most of the major hotels on the Las Vegas strip. There are large framed pictures of beautiful Scores dancers hanging from the exterior of the building.

Las vegas scores strip club

As far as parking goes, the valet can handle roughly cars at a time. Scores Las Vegas does have a garage, private parking, and motorcycle parking. Otherwise, we would get a ride from a taxi, uber, or limo. We have the ride prices listed out in the prices section below for you. Upon entering the club, you will be greeted by a hostess who will greet you and answer any questions you may have. You are then met by a bar to your left and a luxurious, open, and intimate interior. Five different platforms with poles line the narrow main floor.

Plush booths line the walls that surround the main floor.

Las vegas scores strip club

Luxurious tan chairs are laid out take up most of the floor space, and allow for a meltingly comfortable seating experience. High definition televisions and framed pictures of beautiful women line the den like pine finished walls. Of course, there are multiple white marble-topped bars if that is your scene. If not, just let the smoking hot waitresses serve you all night. Stepping away from the main floor and into the VIP area, you will find extremely private rooms with plush velvet red walls.

Giant golden curtains hang over the frame of the entryway.

Las vegas scores strip club

We suppose that part is up to you. The atmosphere at Scores Las Vegas is subdued, yet classy. A combination of low lighting and neon lights give the place a nice nightclub aura without compromising the intimate and luxurious atmosphere. Scores is a spot where you can go grab some drinks and seriously good hookah with your friends while hanging out with beautiful girls. When the main floor gets popping, it can turn into quite the party atmosphere as well. The music vibe is mostly top charts and club music.

Of course, this will vary based on the DJ that is playing the night you go. Either way, the sound is amazing and will be songs you know. As expected, the VIP areas cater more towards the luxurious private vibe. You definitely will feel like it is just you, the music, and the girl s. It is not the biggest VIP area in town, so when you have a room make sure you enjoy it. Once you are in though, the comfort and space are top tier. Of course, the most important piece is the girls.

Imagine how terrible that trip would be to get your group together and show up to this great looking place, but all the girls are subpar. Because Scores Las Vegas is a more intimate setting, they focus on quality over quantity. Whether you like light, dark, tall, short, blonde, tattoos, etc you are sure to find your type at Scores. At Scores, the girls want to make sure you have a good time and come back again and again.

If you head to Scores Las Vegas on the right night, they are known to have famous adult stars dance on their stages. If they can get girls like that to dance on their stages, imagine the girls they have there on a regular night. Keep a lookout on their Instagram or Facebook to know when the next adult star is gracing the stages at Scores Las Vegas. We realize it is hot as the topics here during the summer. So guys, you can wear nice shorts, nice flip flops, and a nice t-shirt and be okay.

If you think you might have an issue, just call and our hostess can help you. When in doubt, be conservative, nothing ruins a night faster than getting stopped at the door for a dress code violation! They are known to have the best bottle service deals. You will have to pay cover, but there are some ways to work around that. For starters, I have broken out their prices for you:.

If hookah is your thing, then Scores is the place for you. They put a lot of pride in their flavor and overall hookah ambiance. It definitely adds to the overall chill vibe of the club. Most of the girls will even you for hookah. It is a great addition to the already great atmosphere of the place. If you are interested in touring the club, the floor manager on duty will do an amazing job of explaining all of the amenities that are available.

In addition, the management staff makes sure there is a no-pressure atmosphere, and that the dancers are all friendly and outgoing. Some places the girls try to drag you back for dances or the VIP champagne suites as soon as they sit on your lap. The excellent customer service and beautiful girls really add a different element to Scores Las Vegas. Ever the bartenders were very pleasant and polite.

That was not the case at Scores. WYNLV -presents. Interior Upon entering the club, you will be greeted by a hostess who will greet you and answer any questions you may have. Atmosphere The atmosphere at Scores Las Vegas is subdued, yet classy. Want to drive yourself? Simply give us a call at or book online. That is a good price for this town. Looking for the full private room 1-on-1 experience?

Hookah Lounge If hookah is your thing, then Scores is the place for you.

Las vegas scores strip club

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