I need a sexpert

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I saw an about groups on campus giving out free menstrual cups, and I was curious about trying one out. I was also thinking about getting an IUD soon and was wondering if the menstrual cup would interfere with it. Menstrual cups are a great alternative to p and tampons and definitely worth trying out if you think they might be right for you! Not only are they more sustainable, but they can also be a super cost-effective option compared to p and tampons.

I need a sexpert

If you take advantage of the campus initiativeyour cup will be free and could last you up to five years with proper cleaning and care! Lots of brands make menstrual cups, and they are typically bell-shaped and made of flexible, medical-grade silicone. Unlike p and tampons, the cups do not absorb blood but simply collect it. This means it will need to be emptied about every 6—12 hours, depending on how heavy your flow is.

If you are interested in tracking your menstrual fluid volume for personal or medical reasons, menstrual cups are a great choice. For many people, menstrual cups can be changed less often than p or tampons, making them a convenient option! Furthermore, compared to tampons, menstrual cups also have the advantage of reducing period odors.

To insert your cup, you will need to fold it. There are many options for how to do this and lots of online tutorials showing different folding styles. Once inserted, simply twist the cup using the stem at the bottom to create an airtight seal against the vaginal canal. If you experience any discomfort, calmly remove the cup and try again.

I need a sexpert

You can also use lubricant or water on the rim of the cup for easier insertion. If you are still concerned about the insertion of your cup, you can explore different menstrual cup sizes. The size you choose may be dependent on your age, your anatomy, and whether you have given birth vaginally. Many companies sell small, medium, and large cup sizes and will have specific information to guide you in selecting the appropriate size for you!

The size you select may also impact how frequently you have to change the cup. Mess when removing the cup is definitely a common concern and worth considering if you choose to use a menstrual cup. To remove the cup, simply pull the stem down slightly so that you can squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the seal. This is crucial for an easy and painless removal. Pull down to remove the cup and empty it into the sink or toilet. Ideally, you should wash the cup with gentle soap and warm water after each use.

If you are in a shared or public restroom, this can be a challenge. Many companies sell wipes that can be used to clean the cups inside of the stall. If you are in a pinch, you can wipe the cup out with toilet paper and reinsert, but try to avoid doing this after more than one use and wash thoroughly afterward. Luckily, because they can be changed less often, you may be able to avoid changing them during the day.

If you want privacy, change your cup and wash it with you in the shower! Obviously, menstrual cups are not ideal for everyone, and if doing this would make you uncomfortable, it might be worth sticking to other options. The suction of the cup creates an increased risk of dislodging or removing your IUD. However, if you still want to use a menstrual cup with an IUD, you could potentially lower your risk of IUD dislodgement by going to your healthcare provider and having your IUD strings shortened. Furthermore, it is important that you are careful when removing the cup and always break the seal before pulling it out.

If you have any further questions or specific concerns about menstrual cups, Sexual Health and Wellness providers at University Health Services are there to help and can provide you with specific advice. You can make an appointment by calling Is there a safe way to have sex during the pandemic?

Will we be violating the social contract if we do? And where will we be able to find condoms on campus? This year has been so difficult for us for so many different reasons, including not being able to see our partners and connect with them like we long to do. Not being able to be with our friends, family and sexual partners is one of the many painful things we have endured.

Sex needs to wait until your Arrival Quarantine period is over to avoid spreading the virus. All of us coming together from many different and sometimes distant locations is a highly risky period for transmitting the virus. Following the Arrival Quarantine protocol and staying physically apart until you get notification your quarantine is over will help us get the semester off to a safer start. If too many cases happen during the arrival period, then we might have to stay physically apart even longer, because rules may become even stricter for people on-campus in order to stem the spread of COVID So safer sex under the Social Contract is waiting for that Arrival Quarantine period to be fully complete for any and all partners.

You should also know that the Social Contract does not allow for either off-campus students or people not associated with Princeton like students at other universities for example to access the dorms. Your partner can get in on the action virtually or even with toys that let them play from a distance via an app.

I need a sexpert

Maybe even consider buying a toy for your partner and vice versa? COVID is spread through saliva and mucus from the mouth and nose. It has also been found in feces and semen and so, it may be spread through those as well, though more research is needed. Even with the testing and adherence to all the public health guidelines that you will do, there will always be a risk of transmitting the virus when close enough to someone else to have in-person sexual activity. Also a good reason not to stigmatize or blame people who have the virus or ask them how they got it. When engaging in sexual activity, wearing a face covering even though it may seem really weird — we get itavoiding kissing, and washing hands thoroughly before and after sex will help prevent the spread of infection as will the usual barrier methods condoms, dental dams, etc.

I need a sexpert

During the semester, skip sexual activity and stay physically apart if you or your partner feel unwell or have felt unwell recently. If your ongoing or potential partner is in either isolation gotten a positive COVID test or in quarantine has been possibly exposed to COVIDno matter how hot they are, you both need to wait until the full isolation or quarantine period is up to get together.

Violations of isolation or quarantine are a really big deal, public-health-wise. Again, try sexting or virtual chatting to build up anticipation. Research shows that feeling safe and comfortable with a partner makes for a better sexual experience, so have these first hard conversations, over text or DM if it makes you feel more comfortable. Do you want to kiss? Let your partner know what will make you feel comfortable and cared for. You can find tips for communication here. Click to access covid-sex-guidance. I just found out that my boyfriend prefers a certain type of porn a few months into our relationship.

When we first started dating, I asked him and he lied to me repeatedly saying he has never watched porn. Is it a red flag that he lied to me when I asked the first few times?

I need a sexpert

Watching porn is fairly common, and can be a healthy part of sexuality. Unfortunately, it is also very stigmatized, and many people avoid talking about their habits and views surrounding porn for fear of being judged negatively. Some people who watch porn consider it a part of their sexuality that they would like to share with their partner s ; others consider porn something they like to enjoy only by themselves, or something that should be kept private.

Others may also prefer to involve porn in their sexual relationships only after becoming comfortable with other types of sexuality together. It seems like what you are most concerned about is not the porn itself, but the fact that he lied to you, and that it might be a bad. One possibility is that your boyfriend worried that you would disapprove of his watching porn, and was embarrassed or hesitant to tell you.

Something else that might contribute to this is myths about gender surrounding porn. Also, porn is notably very different than real life sex. It is possible some people, like your boyfriend, might be worried that sharing with you what porn arouses him would seem too different from what you do together sexually. Your boyfriend might have been worried that you might assume he wants your sex life together to be like the porn he watches, or that he wants something different. Finally, it is possible that your boyfriend was worried you might consider his watching porn a violation of the boundaries of your relationship, and hoped to conceal it from you.

With all of these possibilities, and possibly more, it seems like the best thing to do would be to have an honest conversation with your boyfriend. An open conversation about porn, your sex life, and your relationship could bring clarity and reassure him that what you most want is that you are both honest with each other. It is up to you from there to decide, ideally in conversation with him, what to do going forward.

Lying is never a positive in a relationship, but it is not necessarily a red flag. It might instead be a that the two of you need to work on having more open communication. However, if it turns out that he withheld his porn usage from you because he thought you would consider it a violation of your relationship, then this might be a more serious issue to consider and talk about. Lying to avoid acknowledging the breaching of boundaries in your relationship is a red flag.

I need a sexpert

If you do consider watching porn to be a violation of these boundaries, it might be best to clearly establish your boundary and ask him his opinions. Being clear with each other on your feelings is important going forward. It is completely reasonable to be upset that your boyfriend lied to you, but it is important to have an honest conversation with him about your feelings surrounding his lying to you, porn, and your relationship. From there, it is up to you to assess with yourself what boundaries to set and changes to make in the future, as well as how you feel about his lying to you once you know why.

I want to go abroad this summer but I am concerned about receiving sexual health care abroad in a more conservative country. I am also gay going to a country where gay relationships are generally not accepted. What should I do? Whenever travelling abroad for internships or vacation, you should always consider your health and safety.

It is important to have a plan in place in the event that you become ill or injured while traveling. Sexual health resources vary between countries and if you require sexual health care while abroad or if you expect that you will need specific sexual health services while abroad, it can be useful to know what resources are available in the country that you will be traveling to before deciding to go there.

If you travel with a University-sponsored trip such as for an internship through the International Internship Program, the Streicker Fund, the Global Health Program, or the Princeton Environmental Institute, or for thesis research funded through University sources, you are automatically enrolled in International SOS, which is an international emergency medical assistance and insurance service.

I need a sexpert

Before traveling, consult with representatives at ISOS either by phone or to inquire about the medical resources available and if you should be concerned about any security risks. They will be able to let you know if they recommend that you travel. If you find yourself needing medical attention abroad, you should contact International SOS for assistance regardless if it is a general medical concern or a sexual health concern. If you are planning to travel internationally to places other than Western Europe and Australia, it is recommended that you make a Travel Health appointment with University Health Services weeks prior to international travel to learn about country-specific risks and precautions and how to stay healthy while traveling.

During this appointment, you may also ask your medical provider questions related to sexual health concerns or services while abroad. If you take medication such as birth control or PrEP, let your provider know so they can guide you through the steps needed to acquire enough drug for the duration of your trip. Different cultures may also perceive gender identity or sexual orientation differently.

In some countries, being gay is considered illegal and a punishable crime. In other countries, being gay is legal but not as socially accepted i. Remember, there are a ton of campus and online resources to support you in navigating this decision.

My partner and I have made a bucket list of places to have sex before we graduate. We were thinking of places like Frick, Frist, and Firestone. Do you have any tips for us? Thank you so much for your question. People have different preferences in regards to where they choose to have sex.

While some may prefer having sex in a private place or a traditional space like a bedroomsome may prefer having sex in a more public place and are even aroused by the excitement of potentially getting caught. Others are open to all options. Wherever you choose to have sex is up to you but there are several things to take into consideration when selecting a location. First, it is important to take into consideration the attitudes of other people.

While you may enjoy having sex in Frick, students, staff, and visitors do not necessarily want to be involved or witness your sexual act. From a legal standpoint, it is also important to keep in mind that it is illegal to have intercourse or sexual activity such as oral sex in public places N. If caught, you could be charged with a misdemeanor which if found guilty may remain on your permanent record and you may be placed on the sex offender registry.

Even if you have sex in a car in a secluded place at night, that is still considered public sex in almost all jurisdictions. Although sex in a public restroom stall with the door closed is out of public view, most state decency laws prohibit sex in public restrooms. Dancing or grinding on each other is not considered a violation of the law but oral and manual handjobs copulation is considered sex and you can be charged with public indecency even if the genitalia is not visible.

I need a sexpert

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