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Great Place to Work measures companies on the following characteristics: Great Place to Work for All, executive team effectiveness, innovation, and people-focused programs. In a Great Place to Work for All, employees report high levels of trust, credible and respectful leadership, pride in the work, and camaraderie. We also look to see that employees consistently experience this great workplace, regardless of who they are or what they do. Each company is scored on our analysis of anonymous employee responses to more than 50 survey questions on our Trust Index Survey, together with our evaluation of company programs and practices as measured through our Culture Audit assessment.

More thanemployees provided feedback to determine the winners of the list. What employees are saying. The company is committed to learning and innovating - keen to try new things, and always ready to support new ideas. The company's approach to alignment is exceptional. It gives clarity on individual, team, and company goals.

Working for this company instills a sense of purpose. The Wegman family and all executives and leaders are engaged, invested and committed to our mission of helping people live healthier, better lives through food, and in doing the right thing. Besides the amazing benefits we receive here everyday, any time an Ultipeep or their family member is in need or passes away, the company pulls together to show an outpouring of love and support like I have never seen elsewhere.

BCG puts people development at the center of everything - this business is about people.

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

I feel empowered to try new things. We have a tremendous impact on our clients and are continuously challenging the status quo. I admire the way Edward Jones respects their history without being mired down by it.

We see the value of our beginnings but also recognize change is the only constant. We build on a solid foundation with flexibility for new thought. I love the fact that Kimpton is a trailblazer within the hospitality industry. This company doesn't shy away from trying something different and that unique perspective is not frowned upon but embraced.

I am constantly encountering new people at the company and I am amazed at how we have been able to keep our welcoming and friendly culture intact through our tremendous growth. The founders' principles are still very much evident in our culture. At Genentech, I am not only free to be myself, I am encouraged to bring my whole self to work.

I feel safe, cared for, included, and celebrated for who I am. Ensuring an inclusive environment is foundational at Genentech. What makes Hyatt a great place to work for me is the teamwork, cooperation, the overall attitude, but most importantly the people. The people in our organization truly do care for one another as well as the guests coming onto our property.

The opportunities are absolutely endless if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You are given the keys to your career on day one and can guide it down any path you wish, but with hard work and persistence you will go very far and gain recognition. The focus on constant improvement, learning, and development at Deloitte is why I stay at the firm.

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

We invest in our people's individual development and wellbeing on the job, through informal and formal learning and beyond. I really like Baird's "No Asshole Policy. We feel that we were each carefully chosen, not only based on our skills, but also on our personalities and how we get along with one another. We arguably have the best CEO in the business. He sets a clear mission and goals, and metrics which cascade through our business units and functions. He shares the rationale behind all Intuit major business decisions and exemplifies our values.

People are respected and opinions are heard. The organization as a whole values its greatest asset, its team members. We never get complacent or settle, we always look for ways to grow and improve, and make a difference in the cities we live in.

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

I have a lot of control over finding the best way to do things. I am left to my own devices, for the most part, and it allows me to achieve some really stellar ; my coworkers notice the good work that I do, and praise it frequently.

Our jobs, no matter how small or inificant they may seem at times, contribute to huge improvements in the lives of so many. It is amazing that the products we make have such an impact. To see the customers smile makes my heart happy!

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

The culture encourages its associates to try new things, push the limits, and go beyond what we know as acceptable in today's market place. It fosters healthy work-life balance and consistently encourages associates to live a better life. They tcare about the culture and are always striving to maintain a fun and empowering environment. Whether it is charity involvement, monthly socials, fitness classes, or its yearly State of the Firm, Cooley provides the best for its employees. The military community is who we serve and it personally gives me joy to know that we can make a positive difference in their lives just as they make a difference in ours.

At Plante Moran the focus is on theand not the mistakes along the way. Staff are able to openly share points of view, even if not popular. Management is fully supportive of new ideas and new approaches. Slalom is the only company I've worked for that delegates so much to so many people in the organization.

The result is an extremely engaged, super fun place to work. Not only do the employees blossom and grow but so does the whole ecosystem. Our CEO is very involved with the entire employee base. He holds quarterly meetings and orientations. I get a strong sense of unity from Pinnacle. He is inspiring. We celebrate our small wins as well as large. The entry-level employee to contractor to executive leaders share the same attitude towards people and service.

It's an underlying passion to care about the work they do and even more so for each other. Our way of doing business improves constantly. There are always opportunities to grow not just at work, but also as a person.

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

We are all a part of "how" we run our company. Soapbox has taken us to the next level with best practices and other ideas. It is rewarding to me to work for a company that embraces the diversity. It is enjoyable to work with, and for, people from different backgrounds and cultures.

We provide excellence in service and provide charity throughout our community. It is an innovative tech company with a culture that encourages me to explore my ideas and have a strong point of view. It has an amazingly supportive culture that allows for work-life balance instead of encouraging competition among the workforce. With hard work and dedication, you can go very far. I've only been here for 3. I started with little experience and management saw potential and gave me the guidance to grow. As someone who's over 40, it's important to me to still have opportunities to evolve my career.

SAP gave me the opportunity to entirely change my career while staying in the company thanks to an appreciation for the value of transferable skills. Everyone is encouraged to communicate and collaborate with others at every level in the firm, and there's always someone who is willing to help. It's also great finally being at an organization that expresses gratitude when people go the extra mile in their tasks.

We have a very receptive pets-at-work policy, and it seems to work well, which kind of surprises me. I am a dog lover, and although I don't bring my dog to work, many others do. This is a truly collaborative place where entrepreneurism and innovation are valued, and there is always room for different perspectives. There are great people who care deeply about each other, and are supportive of individual and team success. Almost everyone I meet has a drive to make a difference and do something that will positively impact people and that passion is contagious, it makes me personally want to do more and become more involved in making a difference where I can.

It is a great environment to develop skills. Employees have many opportunities to try new things and challenge themselves. It is ok to fail, because there is always tomorrow, and there will always be another guest through the door. This company does not just provide training on how to do a job, but provides true, meaningful development to grow associates. We celebrate every success of each individual. We make the world a better place by taking our friendly, upbeat, caring Marriott culture into the marketplace, wherever we may travel, our homes, our communities and beyond!

We live Marriott culture and make the world around us a better place! This makes it that much more motivating to contribute to the team. People go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of as a Team Member and are very welcoming. The amenities are awesome, but the thing that is hard to quantify is the type of people SAS employs.

It's incredibly fast paced and innovating. We do more research and invent more stuff than an industrial research lab, and the team is young, eager and energetic. Community is one of our Epic values. I love participating in service learning events and giving back to our Bay Area community. I even used service learning hours to go abroad and help in a foreign country. I've never worked at a place where the CEO really wants to meet with and listen to all employees the way that Walter does. This makes employees feel like he cares about them on a personal level and not just about the success of the company.

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

I've never worked for an organization where the wellbeing of employees is essential to every business decision. This is evident in how business decisions are made, where the impact on employees is taken in consideration before any decision is final. I love how diverse this company is. I am extremely proud to work here!

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

Being of Muslim faith and wearing the traditional hecarf, I have always felt comfortable and respected in my workplace and with my coworkers. Working for a co-operative means that I know that every time I work, I am contributing to a better cause. I am extremely proud to say that we donate millions a year to educational grants, charities and environmental organizations. The company welcomes everyone of all types with open arms.

Growing up I always felt weird being different than others, but with being employed at Synchrony, we provide diversity programs of all kinds to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Not only do teammates and management provide recognition and gratitude towards each other, but there is ongoing teamwork, passion, and innovation.

There has never been a time that someone hasn't offered to step up and offer help when needed. Employees are able to actively partake in shaping the firm and the way we do business. I feel that I have partial control in guiding the firm and taking it in the direction I want it to go. My partners allow me to propose and pursue my ideas. Much like the teachings of our founder, Mr. Jenkins had for the level of care we should have for our customers, treating them like family, our management and other associates are all regarded as family and we would do anything for one another.

I like to tell my friends and family that I get to work with a lot of smart people. I have the great opportunity to work with leaders in our industry, trend-setters, published authors, and a whole host of talented people. Regeneron provides extraordinary opportunities for personal and professional growth and fulfillment, allowing all to innovate, create, and develop their roles around the needs of the business, their departments, and their personal goals.

Being a part of this company makes you feel that what you do actually matters, it's not just and letter on a sheet that's wasting away, but real actual work that makes a difference in our country, and community. I'm encouraged to be the best possible version of myself. I'm given opportunities to be innovative and develop ideas that are shared with all associates. I'm encouraged to go outside my comfort zone and expand my knowledge, even if I fail. EY encourages a diverse workplace of driven and highly-skilled individuals.

It provides a great opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and countries who have the same goal in mind. Nationwide truly lives its declared values.

Big breasted women near Fortuna Missouri

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